Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wawona Picnic Slideshow

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Smilebox is working a bit better than the last time I used it... However it still isn't quite loading the pictures in order...
Happy Journaling...


That corgi :) said...

Looked like a great place for a picnic! That red/white/blue barn was perfect to capture on 9-11! I liked the pictures of son2 that you got with his face, reminded me of senior pictures; very nicely done. And son3 by the rocks with his sword (stick) I imagined he was playing something, the picture of them together with their arms around each other was neat!

Tall trees, flowing creek; all great!!

thanks for sharing it with us!


Linda's World said...

Great pictures....some of the pics down near the river look like they were taken here in western Washington. And I loved the red, white & blue barn picture!