Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Thirteenth and Fourteenth



Friday I adjusted my attitude on the way to work… seems every song on my KLOVE radio station was aimed at me… It was a nice quiet evening and I even got a few things done…


Saturday morning I got quite a few things done at work, all in electronics though… After lunch I had plans to get things done in hardware… However after lunch I got the manager on duty phone and had it all the way til I went home, so I got nothing done in hardware…


Hubby spent four hours with son3 on Saturday cleaning his room… They cleaned out all the toys, boxing some for Goodwill and boxing some to save in the garage… They took out two plastic drawer towers to bring to the Goodwill too, they were cracking and getting hard to open and close the drawers… They moved his bed around too… Now it is more like an almost teen’s room… Son3 will be in middle school come fall… Hubby took the pictures…


We had pizza and leftovers for dinner… We watched more Chicago Fire… Son1 and DIL stopped by to see their Easter basket… They visited for a bit and then went off to dinner…


This morning I was at work early to set the ad… Had help today… Today I was in a good mood… Took most of the day to put up all the signs but I even got to play in hardware and put out merchandise… I even had the manager on duty phone but it was much quieter today then yesterday… Yesterday that thing didn’t even stop ringing...

When I got home, hubby and I went for a walk around the orchard… I got in over 20,000 steps today between work and the walk…

Hubby made breakfast for dinner and now we are watching more Chicago Fire… It’s so good… It’s funny and sad and intense and funny…

Tomorrow I’m back at work early again to do my scans and counts…

Now I’m thinking some ice cream and more Chicago Fire…



Joyce Meyer Ministries

You are a new creation. You don't have to allow the old things that happened to you continue to affect your new life in Christ.

Walking in love should be the number one goal of every Christian.

Your Future Has No Room For Your Past!

He is the author of all true success and everything that is good, and without Him we can do nothing of true value. -Joyce, "Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits"

Learn to run to God in times of stress instead of to the habit you normally turn to. Jesus simply says, “Come unto me.” -Joyce, "Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits"

When God brings an “unwelcome disturbance” into our lives, He never asks if it is convenient. The Lord expects to be trusted. –Joyce

If you don't learn to control your thoughts, you will never learn how to control you behavior. -Joyce, "Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits"

Your worst day with Jesus will still be better than your best day was without Him.

God is with you today and always.


True friends don't try to control you—they help you be what God wants you to be.


Today, Linda, we believe God wants you to know that ...

when an impossible must happen, put it on God's to-do list.

Well, if you can't make it happen, and no one else can, there is only thing left to do, - finally look up and trust in God to make it right.


Today, Linda, we believe God wants you to know that ...

what we need is to love without effort.

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. Real love is simple, everyday kind of thing. A smile, a hug, an encouragement. Continuous love without effort.



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slj said...

Hi Linda,
So glad you seem to be feeling better:)
Son3's room looks very nice..they did a nice job organizing..
Hope you have a great week,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Attitude is everything! Congrats on the great job done in your son's room I bet he likes it much better too. Here's hoping it stays that way. Hope your Monday is off to a great start! Looks like the sun is coming up here!