Sunday, January 4, 2009


I did it and it was a piece of cake and now I am back on vacation... Actually this is my real vacation... Last week was my two days off, the holiday and then a vacation day since I went to work today... The hard part was getting up at 4:30am this morning since I have been sleeping in til 8 or 10am... I had to take down the old ad, put up the new ad, change quite a few tables and print new signs, so it was 11am by time I went to lunch and that was with the 10am person helping me... Then after lunch I had a few boxes to open that luckily lasted me til it was time to go home at 2:30pm... It was quieter than staying home with the boys, lol... When I left for work this morning it was way foggy but by time I got off work the sun was shining away, yay, we have blue skies again... I came home to hubby and the boys playing with Nerf dart guns, I could hear them before I even opened the front door... They continued their game while I tried to talk to hubby and made me an egg sandwich... Now I have put the chicken in the oven to heat up and have potatoes boiling on the stove and hubby and son2 went to the store to get me cola, Raisin some cat food before he eats us and some bread and such to go with dinner... Son3 is playing with his Lego's he got for Christmas... We've decided not to stay over night in the snow... I don't want to leave Holly alone in the house with Raisin just yet and plus the idea of packing and unpacking just seems like a lot of work right now, lol... But we are going to go up for the day, probably on Tuesday we'll go to Yosemite... But first tomorrow I need to check and see if the boy's snow boots and such even still fit them... Plus we'll still need to get snacks and drinks and coolers ready to go... Today hubby took down and put away most of the Christmas decorations... Still the lights on the house to get down but it has been too wet with all the fog... And the tree is still up but he has slowly started to undecorate it... He'll be done by the end of the week, I'm sure... Son2's friend called the house phone when I got home cause seems son2 did not have his phone on him all day and missed two calls, lol... Son2's bday is at the end of the month and he will be 15, wow... we have been asking him what he wants that he didn't get for Christmas and there wasn't anything he didn't get for Christmas this year that he wanted... We had originally wanted to get him fish, he still has the fish tank set up in his bathroom waiting for fish but none of us know how to take care of fish and we didn't have good luck the last time we tried... So since son1 got a hamster, son2 has been thinking of a hamster and son1 had a hamster when he was a teen so we know how to care for one... anyway we are thinking of getting him a hamster cage for his bday and then letting him go pick out a hamster and hubby has been looking at the game chairs that have speakers and you plug your system into the chair, so maybe one of those... He was wanting a party but I said no, he could pick a friend or two and go to the movies on a day that is not his bday... Other than that our biggest decision of the evening is what movie to watch with dinner....
Happy Journaling...


Lisa said...

Happy 2009 to you & your family - I hope it is a good year for you.

I caught up on your recent entries and as usual you are quite the busy bee. It seems like you never slow down!!! Glad to see you are on vacation so your at least getting to do things you want to do.

Holly is gorgeous - what a beautiful cat!! Wow..you must groom her daily to keep her looking so perfect. I just shaved my long hair since we fight too much (and he wins with his claws) when I try to brush him.

I love hamsters - they are such great little companions.

a corgi said...

if the biggest decision you have to make today is what to watch for a movie, that's good, right??? glad work went well and now VACATION!!! enjoy it! the snow day sounds like fun!!! I totally agree with you with no party for son2 but a friend or two over; good luck with deciding what to get him

looking forward to seeing what pictures you share with your adventures in the snow


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad the sun came out for you! It's still cloudy and dreary here but it may peep out tomorrow. Enjoy the REAL vacation now!

just me said...

I hope you have a wonderful snow day.
Good luck on deciding what to get son2 for his birthday.
Enjoy your vacation.

Janie said...

Oh Wow!! 4:30 a.m. !!! Ugh! I am a night person. lol When did you get your new cat? I was going to ask you about it and then forgot. :( It sure is a pretty cat. I can't believe that your son could not think of anything he wanted. lol Not like most kids. lol Hope you have a great vacation. I think you deserve it the way you have to work. Sounds really hectic to me. lol Blessings, Janie

Lisa said...

I am so glad you have some vacation time! You deserve it and you survived the Christmas season! I can just see the boys playing nerf guns in the house... my son does that too... I am hoping to get my trees down by the end of this week too. Wishing you the best ever 2009. Hugs,

Chrissie said...

Well glad you're on vacation now. Aww the joys of taking all the mess down and packing it away. I hate that part. You all will enjoy that day trip to the snow. If I was there I would go to since I'm not seeing much snow at my house. Can't wait to see what the birthday gift will be sounds to me like the cats will like either one. Glad that is the biggest decision you have to make today.
Take care, Chrissie

Janie said...

Linda you sound like us. lol Your cat Holly is pretty. We got the mama cat and 3 kittens, 1 day old at a garage sale 2 years ago. I still call them kittens (lol) because they still act like kittens. Their mama ran away after spending $75 to get her fixed. :( She didn't like our big dogs. Then Scruffy, the one that looks like your Raisin just showed up on our door step. Gary loves cats so he was adopted right away. Another $75 to have him fixed! lol We have had our grand-daughter's cat for years that is about 12 to 13 years old and this winter Gary has given her the garage with a liter box. lol She only wets in it and still goes outside to do the other. Our animals are so spoiled and tell you guys spoil yours too. They are fun and give us a reason to smile and laugh. Hope you are having a great day of vacation. Hugs, Janie

lisa jo said...

i hope you enjoy your time off whether you go away or not....take lots of pics. XO

Monica said...

You always keep yourself busy. :-)
I hope you get to enjoy your vacation a trip to Yosemite would be great. I've been wanting to get back there with my camera so bad. I have to many places I want to go to or go back to with the camera. ::sigh:: To many beautiful places, to little time!

I don't envy you having to decided what to get your son for his birthday. Boys can be just as hard as girls when trying to get the right thing! Happy Birthday to him in advance.