Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Quiet Day Just For Me

The boys are off to school, hubby is off to work and I have a whole day just for me.... It's so nice and quiet... Raisin's here but he's taking a nap... He was flying around the house today, playing, he even pulled toys out of the cat house that he never plays with... He is so happy to have his favorite cat food once again, lol... Yesterday hubby and I went to Walmart... Son2 is finally too big for the boys department and needed jeans from the men's sizes, also picked him up a sweat top for the chilly mornings, he has been squeezing into a boy's size of that also... Plus I needed some St. John's Wort, cat food, found a couple of Christmas presents for the boys, just looked at the Christmas decorations and just looked at the TVs but all three boys will be getting new TVs this Christmas for the new digital change over... We also had son3's teacher conference yesterday... She says he has made great progress in both behavior and academic... He excels in Math, however we have lots of work to do on the reading... She said most of her class this year is behind on the reading and has trouble focusing and getting motivated through the day... She made reference that she blames having new first grade teachers last year and teachers who didn't want to teach first grade(that would be son3's teacher) and so that the kids are struggling more in second grade due to they didn't learn everything they should have in first grade... For example knowing all their sight words before entering second grade, the class just finally knows all the words as of a couple of weeks ago.... So she is picking her priorities of what she needs them to know to get to third grade... I just need to spend a bit more time on homework, lol, we get the basic done so much quicker this year, so I should use the extra time to do a bit more reading and studying with him instead of releasing him to play... Speaking of homework it's a good thing we had teacher conference as he forgot some homework in his desk... Then last night I made out half the Halloween cards and got them in the mail this morning and we had left overs for dinner and watched Haunted Honeymoon with Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner... Plus hubby and I finally watched CSI with all the people art, very freaky.... Today I have a list a mile long of all the things I want to do... I'm sure I won't get most of them done, but then I still have all week while hubby is home getting his list done, lol... I want to finish the Halloween cards, dishes, laundry, clean the bathrooms desperately, balance the checkbook, finish the trick or treat bags, some paper piles put away, water the plants, Raisin needs a new flea collar on, and make a cake... Tomorrow I need to start assembling all the dummies for the front yard for the cemetery/yard decorations... Oh and today I have to get back on my exercising; 225 crunches and weight lifting... And find the Christmas cards I bought last year so I can start those next... Christmas is only about eight weeks away ya know... And in between all my list I am going to be catching up on all my blog reading!!!
A side note: if you live in Florida and your name starts with an R, a package is being mailed for you today, I sent it off special delivery with hubby this morning.... :)
Happy Journaling...


Anonymous said...

Stop Linda! Lol! You're making me tired listening to all you're going to do! I hope you get through a lot of it. I wish I had some energy to get started indoors.... maybe tomorrow! Jeannette xx

just me said...

Awwww to have a day alone in the house. LOL. I hope you get at least a chunk done on your to do list.
Enjoy the vacation.

Indigo said...

No wonder your the queen of list. I couldn't keep everything you have to do straight without one. Try to remember to "relax"...and shhhh...we didn't hear the C word did we (christmas)...(Hugs)Indigo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your list is always never ending. Glad you had a day to yourself. It helps to get your mind cleared now and then. Happy that Son3 is doing better and has a teacher that cares this year. There are some good ones out there .
'On Ya'-ma

Janie said...

Hmmm that must be nice to have a full day off for just you. :) Scruffy is a happy cat too and he looks a lot like your cat. lol Math is a good subject to be good in. Sure hope you get a lot of things done. I have been kind of lazy after being sick for 10 days. Have a great week. Janie

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness girl... you are making ME tired with all you are doing. We are like twins both of us always doing so much!! Other days I wonder where I left me at? LOL I have been moving so slow here to accomplish anything at all. I am wishing your energy to transfer to me as soon as I have processed all you did and are going to do. You are definitely motivating me with the crunches!! I want to take a walk but it is so chilly I am thinking maybe a treadmill session LOL Love that you send out Halloween cards... I should try that sometime! That is great you have a day off! I hear you on the reading. My Courtney is way way behind and was in speech for several years so she is like on a first grade level in the third grade so I am totally in panic to get her through this year. We have to read every night for a LONG time and I am not doing that well with being consistent at it yet. Life is so busy these days. Hugs,

Martha said...

I just knew you'd have more decorations coming! Sounds like you have sure been busy! Be sure to take a little time to just relax while you're on vacation too - have a PJ day! :-)

a corgi said...

that poor teacher (and you parents); so unfair to have those kids being behind because of the first grade teachers :(

I'm hoping your kids don't read your blog or they know what they are getting for Christmas; good idea though with what they are getting!


Chrissie said...

GEEZ I thought I heard the word VACATION somewhere in a sentence! You do more than any one person I know supposedly on vacation. You make me tired.
NOW I want to say THANK YOU so much for the lovely card. Your hubby is not only a great guy he's a poet too. Tell him thank you I enjoyed and I think he's great.
I'm so sorry that son3 is now behind because of the teacher last year. I really hate that these kids are at school all day, but yet when we get them at home you have to spend all night doing work. He's a kid he needs to play too. That is important too. I don't miss those days.
8 weeks please don't remind me. It's depressing enough.
I'm playing catch up and man you've written a lot too. LOL.
I'm up watching the clocks fall back hoping I'll get sleepy. I'll be all messed up know.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie