Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bass Lake June First

IMG_0001 IMG_0004

IMG_0007 IMG_0010

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

IMG_0030 IMG_0032

IMG_0035 IMG_0036

IMG_0037 IMG_0038

IMG_0039 IMG_0040

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

IMG_0045 IMG_0046

IMG_0047 IMG_0048

IMG_0050 IMG_0051

IMG_0052 IMG_0055

IMG_0062 IMG_0068

IMG_0065 IMG_0101

IMG_0077 IMG_0079

IMG_0080 IMG_0081

IMG_0087 IMG_0089

IMG_0088 IMG_0090

IMG_0112 IMG_0113

Happy Journaling…

1 comment:

betty said...

Such a pretty area! Was that an eagle with the bird soaring?