Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Sixth


Here’s the Plank Challenge I mentioned that I still haven’t started…


The 30 Day Plank Challenge will send your core strength through the roof!
Day 1 - 20 seconds
Day 2 - 20 seconds
Day 3 - 30 seconds
Day 4 - 30 seconds
Day 5 - 40 seconds
Day 6 - REST
Day 7 - 45 seconds
Day 8 - 45 seconds
Day 9 - 60 seconds
Day 10 - 60 seconds
Day 11 - 60 seconds
Day 12 - 90 seconds
Day 13 - REST
Day 14 - 90 seconds
Day 15 - 90 seconds
Day 16 - 120 seconds
Day 17 - 120 seconds
Day 18 - 150 seconds
Day 19 - REST
Day 20 - 150 seconds
Day 21 - 150 seconds
Day 22 - 180 seconds
Day 23 - 180 seconds
Day 24 - 210 seconds
Day 25 - 210 seconds
Day 26 - REST
Day 27 - 240 seconds
Day 28 - 240 seconds
Day 29 - 270 seconds


Still busy at work getting ready for the visitors this week…

The bad news is they are now coming on Thursday instead of Friday…

The good news is I’ll be leaving when they are arriving…

Then I’ll be off Friday and Saturday…

I noticed hubby’s schedule next week he’ll be working afternoons instead of nights…

Not sure if that is just temporary for the week or his new schedule…

We’ll get settled into a routine eventually…

Tonight son2 got caught up on his shows on the DVR… Son3 had Algebra, English and Science homework… We had leftovers for dinner… I cleaned up the kitchen, put some Halloween away, put away the laundry and read some blogs…

Last night hubby was home… We had breakfast for dinner and watched some shows after son3 finished his homework…

Right now son3 is not getting in the shower because he is watching TV with son2 so I keep calling the house phone as the caller’s name shows up on the TV to remind him that I know he is not in the shower even though I am in my room… Lazy or Inventive…

This morning when I was driving to work there was the usual ones who are in a hurry and must get in front of you so they’ll get to the red light first… I was talking with God as I usually do on the way to work and I was saying that now God is going to have us stop at every red light since the guy in front of me was in such a big hurry as that is what happens when you’re in a hurry right… Then we come upon a railroad crossing and I said now we are going to have to wait for a train but no train was coming so the guy in front of me kept going and I said that is God giving you grace to get to work on time, but just as the guy went across the train track the red lights starting flashing so I had to stop for the train and I told God he had such a sense of humor…

Almost time for hubby to be home… I’ll be sleeping soon as I have to get very early… I’m watching the second episode of the new Once Upon a Time in Wonderland… I don’t think I’m going to like it… I didn’t like Once Upon a Time with Snow White… I haven’t watched the Once Upon a Time now that they are doing Peter Pan…

With hubby working nights and Halloween, we are three to six weeks behind in our shows…

I’m hungry… Should I have a snack… and then to sleep… I’m tired…

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Joyce Meyer Ministries

We may not always get what we want, but God will always provide what we need. –Joyce



Today, Linda, we believe God wants you to know that ...

you can't rid the world of sorrow, but you can choose to live in joy.

Sorrow is with us not because we are bad at stopping it, but simply because it's part of being human. What matters is not whether good or bad things happen - both will, but your relationship to them. Just think back over the last 24 hours, - what had you taken hard that you could have taken lightly?




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betty said...

I think God might be teaching you patience? I love your calling Son2 so the phone number comes up on the TV; good way to get him hopefully moving.

Wow with planking; I'm not sure I could do it; let us know if you do start it and how it goes.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't think I could plank if I wanted to. I was never much good a push ups let alone that one. Good for you on what you are doing! I've most got my Halloween stored away for another year and now decorated for Thanksgiving! God certainly does have a way of slowing us down and it's usually for the best. I figure there is a reason for everything that happens. It's nice you'll be having a weekend off.

Lynne Islynne said...

Planking is exercise???!! LOL

Anyway, I had to giggle when the train lights stopped you from going forward. Maybe it was also good to put a lil space between you and the fellow that was in such a hurry. The drivers in the Wash DC metro area are just as bad and worse at times. Crazyiness.