Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Sixteenth


Today was a nice quiet Saturday… I have the weekend off and I am trying to relax and enjoy it… I have been a bit grumpy this week… Ok a lot grumpy if you count Wednesday when I lost it and went off on poor hubby… don’t you just love mood swings… I would say it’s just being a woman… but then son2 has them too… so gotta love those hormones of life…

Today I was up early with a bit of a headache so had some quiet time on the laptop playing frontierville… hubby was up next and made breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, corn beef hash and English muffins… the boys were up for breakfast and then I did a bit of online ordering for hubby and my vitamins and birthday shopping for son1 and son3… their bdays are July 25 and July 24… hubby and I then showered and got dressed and went on about a five mile walk… we walked to the new neighborhood park they built that has a loop trail behind it… the trees are all brand new so no shade on the trail for a few years yet… but it was nice to be able to just be together and talk without the boys interrupting… the boys stayed home to watch My Little Pony… supposed to be all the rage among girls and boys at the moment… all new cartoons though not the ones from when we were kids… Now I’m making dinner and we have Battle Los Angeles to watch tonight…



Only three and a half more weeks til school starts… the boys have done nothing but watch tv and play video games… son2 did read two books; Eragon, Eldest and is now on the third book in the series; Brisingr… Son3 has picked out books to read but that is as far as he has got… I’m reading The Ignored by Bentley Little… Not as freaky as some of his books but still out there… they did color too for a few days with son1… I’ll have to post their pictures…


Son1 is off camping this weekend with girlfriend and her family… AND he is going to propose, tonight I think… he picked out her engagement ring at Roger’s Jewelers… he had also bought her promise ring there too so they have a deal that if you bring back the last ring they will use it toward the down payment on the next ring… so he got over $300 credit toward the engagement ring… the hard part was getting the promise ring from her without her suspecting… so the jeweler said to tell her that it was time for her annual cleaning and maintenance… she handed it over Thursday night without a thought… now we are just hoping that she isn’t disappointed in the promise ring being gone for sentimental reasons… son1 went to the jeweler on Friday morning to pick up the engagement ring and have it sized… and then met girlfriend for camping Friday night with story being that he can’t pick up the promise ring til Saturday morning and they would be camping… they are camping at Dinky Creek and has plans of taking her up to the fire look out where you could see Shaver Lake and the surrounding valley and proposing… I’m sure she will say YES as she gave him a picture recently of the rings she likes as they had planned on getting engaged once they had been together two years…

Time to eat dinner………


Dinner was good… Turkey burgers, au gratin potatoes, macaroni, chicken strips and other leftovers… I didn’t much care for the Battle Los Angeles so I checked out the pinning at Pinterest… Then we had sherbet or ice cream… I had Arbor Mist in my Sherbet and watched a couple episodes of Angel… Now it’s almost 11pm and time for bed…


Tomorrow hubby and I will be going to Target, Dollar Store and Harbor Freights for toilet paper, cat food, laundry soap and more birthday shopping…


On this day, God wants you to know

... that you can't rid the world of sorrow, but you can choose to live in joy. Sorrow is with us not because we are bad at stopping it, but simply because it's part of being human. What matters is not whether good or bad things happen - both will, but your relationship to them. Just think back over the last 24 hours, - what had you taken hard that you could have taken lightly?

On this day, God wants you to know

... that it is the day of deep peace for you. Deep peace of the running wave to you. Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the shining star to you.

On this day, God wants you to know

... that when people tell you nice things, stop shrugging them off as if they are nothing. The sincere compliments you receive are your jewels, - collect them in your heart, - they highlight the beauty of your being and empower you during challenging times. Never say 'oh, it's nothing' or shrug your shoulders when you hear a sincere compliment. Pause, breathe it in, and really feel its m

On this day, God wants you to know

... that you cannot let this day pass without telling the people you love that you love them. Do not take for granted the people closest to your heart. Nothing is permanent, celebrate them now.

On this day, God wants you to know

... that when what you are doing is not working, do something else. Anything else. You'll only get the same results if you do what you have always done.

Happy Journaling…


That corgi :) said...

how exciting with the potential of a wedding down the line with son1! exciting! How cute with the promise ring exchange for the engagement ring; I was thinking along the same way if she would have wanted to keep the promise ring for sentimentality. Wish them well!

This summer has flown by and I don't even have kids in school. Hard to imagine a few short weeks you'll be back to the grind of homework, schedules, etc.

I tell you, those hormones and moods do get the best of us sometimes. And the ones we love the most we usually take it out on (struggling here myself, LOL). Hang in there and persevere (patiently endure). Have to remind ourselves God is in control and he does have a plan so we need to let him work out his plan.

Good for you taking the 5 mile walk! I bet it felt good!

Hope you have a restful day today despite all you want to get done!


Linda's World said...

Lovely entry Linda. Your Son #1 story reminds me of July 4, 2009 when my son proposed during the fireworks show here on the Tacoma waterfront. He was soooo nervous and she had no clue. We all knew what was going to happen & I think we were as nervous as he was. I pray that this girl accepts and that they have a long & happy life together. School here doesn't start until after Labor Day....so the kids in Tacoma have another full month of vacation. For you, having a whole weekend off probably felt like a mini-vacation.