Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Hello there!

I recently came up with the idea of an article about how American women feel about their bodies and their health compared to women of other parts of the world. However, in order to really write a proper article, I need to do a lot of research on both subjects. I know you all recall, and may have even read, French Women Don't Get Fat, and every other varietal of the theory that "I am not American therefor I have a weight-loss secret that you need to buy." I intend to either prove that we are all the samemarketing ploys (ok, technically half true without needing the research), or that perhaps American Women Want To Be Fat! Say what? I know none of us want to be unhealthy, but if we have the tools, and have the reasons, why does the scale not budge, why do we have pig-out/freak-outs, and constantly buy new books and exercise equipment? Is it the media, a gene, chemicals in our food, or fear of the unknown and/or change? I would love my friends and readers here at The Motivation Station work with me on this concept by answering some (I mean a lot of) questions. Please answer all questions that you feel comfortable with, and email them to krisleighsen@gmail.com if you want to stay anonymous from the site, or post your answers and what you think about this article that I would like to write in the comments section. I will definitely share my findings from this survey and the article with you all once complete. I hope that you all find this concept as interesting as I do.
and these books are just

(open to ALL WOMEN: Any age, body type, race, ethnicity, profession, vegetarians, etc!)

1) Age:

2) Ethnicity:

3) Current Location:

4) Are you currently dieting? Y/N
If yes, what diet are you on?

If no, describe a typical day’s menu.

5) Are you over weight based on health charts?

6) Do you feel guilty when you indulge in something fattening and/or sugary or are you satisfied with the treat?

7) How often do you exercise?

8) What do you do for exercise and how many days and hours per day do you do it?

9) If you miss your exercise one day because you went out with friends to enjoy yourself do you feel guilty? Or were you happy that you took a day off?

10) How often do you think about food?

11) How often do you think about your weight?

12) How often do you weigh yourself?

13) If you gain one ounce do you freak out? Or does it not even phase you?

14) What would you change about your body?

15) Are you happy in your own skin?

16) Did anyone ever say anything to you when you were young that triggered an insecurity about your size? Y/N

17) Why do you think that incident had such an effect?

18) If someone orders just a salad at dinner would you as well? Or would you just get what you want?

19) Why do you think American women are obsessed with weight?

20) What culture do you feel has the best outlook on positive self-image, and why?

21) Do you have anything to add regarding this concept?

Thank you so much to all who participate. I may quote you, so please let me know if you want to stay anonymous. I will let this survey sit for a few weeks, so I will remind you in the near future in case you are very busy these days. The email is krisleighsen@gmail.com.

What do you think? If you have any friends or family that would enjoy this survey/article please pass along, or post on your blogs. Thank you!

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Lisa said...

This is a great topic. I was just thinking that I need to get back to my workout routine and watch what I eat more. I think for me life just got so hectic I haven't followed my usual routine in past months. Not just with orking out and eating right... but with many things. I plan to be more diligent. I am an American dedicated to weight loss and healthy eating. I don't feel that we make the right choices in America mainly because we buy fast food and junk food and box food. I prefer to buy salads and fresh foods but my family balks at some of the types of cooking I'd like to do. I think it's time to just give them healthy food regardless of the reaction I get. I have to put our health first.
Lisa in KY

Martha said...

I am working on my homework assignment, Thanks, Linda!