Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

Grrrrr... I was changing things around in the blog and see that hello snowman picture up there, I can't delete it.... So I'm gonna walk away and fight with it some more tomorrow...

Well I survived today at work but boy are we tore up... I feel bad for the closers, a little... I got there at 5am and both doors had people lined up around the building... A few people stopped in shoes but most of them were running for electronics... By 8am however everyone was in shoes and tearing up the women's fashion boots... The men's work boot tables I could clean and keep stocking... The women's fashion boot tables no one would let us near them... And there were boxes and lids and boots and paper everywhere... I would clear a little spot on the table to stock some more boots, turn around and some one would have already dumped boots in the empty spot that were in their way... So I stuck with the men's, athletics and kids tables... And I made sure I was in the stockroom most of the day opening boxes trying to find more sale shoes... I went to breakfast/lunch at 9am... Almost finished my next book by Max Lucado, The Christmas Candle.. It's a quick read and very cute story... I was off at 1:45 but had to wait til 2, when everyone was back from their lunches... Tomorrow I go back 6-2:45 and I have a lot of stocking to do in men's shoes.... And finish opening the rest of the boxes and we will be officially caught up...

We had a good Thanksgiving yesterday... Phone calls to family, lots of good food, and son1 and girlfriend did stop by finally at 5pm... We had just finished eating... We weren't sure they were going to be able to come as girlfriend fell at work and hurt her back... Not an hour after we called son1 in the morning to find out if they were able to come over, son1 called back saying she had hurt herself and he was taking her to the doctor... By 3:30 we had heard nothing so son2 called and son1 said she didn't go to the doctor and after they finished getting ready they would be over... We went ahead and ate and they arrived just before 5pm... They ate, we talked a bit, had pie and then at 6pm they were out the door and on the way to girlfriend's family... OK then... So we had more pie, lol, and watched Fred Claus... Not a bad movie, better than I was expecting...

Two more days and the boys are back to school... Son2 is more than ready, he just doesn't know what to do with himself... Son3 thought he still had four more days, lol... We haven't even read son3's library books and both boys need haircuts...Nor have we done son3's practice book or has he worn his patch... And I still haven't got to the Christmas cards... They are sitting on the table still waiting... But I do hope to work on them tonight and maybe watch a movie with the boys, Christmas Vacation... But I have blogs to read... and laundry to do... and I'm tired... I had some turkey as soon as I got home, with stuffing on a roll... and some pumpkin pie... Son3 has uncrustables and son2 just had pumpkin pie... The turkey still calls me though... And Raisin is circling my chair as the turkey is calling him too, lol, he already had some twice when I got home...
Happy Journaling...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to tell you that the 'dirty' old bird here at my house likes your music playing on your journal today. When it started playing he/she/it (we never found out) started chirping.
So funny because that's never happened before. Take care at work...I do not envy that job at all at this time of year.
'On Ya'-ma

Martha said...

Glad you survived Black Friday!

Don't feel bad, I'm so far behind on everything - starting to decorate, Christmas shopping, the little guy has a science project and a huge language arts book report and project both due in two weeks - we haven't started on any of it yet! We supermoms will get it all done somehow! :-)

Now that you're home and settled in for the night, it's time for me to go to bed! (It's that time difference thing again! Grrr!!)

See you tomorrow!

Chrissie said...

You and Lauren survived Black Friday. She had a hard day running a register today. She didn't have to close either.
Can I tell you I LOVE son3! He kills my heart. I thought that was adorable that he thought he still had 4 days and he's so damn cute he gets away with it. It's all good because you and I know that he'll still take off Monday and Tuesday too.
I'm laughing at son2 teens just never know what to do with themselves. They hate school, but when they are out it's boring what do we do now. I always told my kids well I can make a chore list because I have lots to do you can help and they found something really fast to do. lol
Geez I'm like the slowest reader in the world. Next time I'm putting a date up there when I started the book just to see how bad I am at it. Someone suggested perhaps I should look into the audio tapes to listen to while I paint and do other things. Does that count as READING?
Wow you got to see son1 for an hour. Hummm..well I guess there is always Christmas because you know they will come for the gifts. lol
Oh well sounds like you all had plenty to do. Movies and more movies.
I watched Twilight the other night when I was waiting for Lauren to call me at 3am. Oh yeah that was Thanksgiving Day.
I think I'm gonna watch Changeling here in a second. I tried last night, but I was still exhausted. I think all the turkey is working on me. I can't stay awake, plus I haven't taken my medicine that might be the problem too. Oopps.
I need to go get some Christmas cards haven't gotten that fair yet.
Neighbor beat me to the outside decorations. I guess he wanted to beat the rain/snow that is coming our way.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

a corgi said...

I bet you were very happy to go home today! what a mad house it seemed there with paper flying, boxes left unattended by people, etc. I would imagine it was a lost cause after a little bit to try to keep it looking organized

we cooked our turkey today since we were at relatives yesterday; Koda was circling us as we were cutting it up tonight trying to grab some bites (which he got some); I'm sure Raisin enjoyed his treat too!

sorry about son1's girlfriend! back problems are never fun to deal with :(


Linda's World said...

I thought about you today. Glad to hear you survived! Our Mall parking lot was packed, I was glad I was going several miles past the Mall to Target. I'm glad this day is over & I bet you are too. Linda in Washington

sheri said...

I went out yesterday morning at 6:00am to Shopko. The store had opened at 5, so I figured the crazy people would be done rushing the store..lol. There probably weren't 50 people in there. I was able to get everything I wanted.
Enjoy your week-end,

Joyce said...

I could not help but think of you and Black Friday...I bet the lines were long, like you said. Yep, my oldest Grandson had to close..he said what a mess it was where he works. Hope you have a good weekend...many hugs and love,

lisa jo said...

i hope you get some of the things you need done on your list done before Monday.
Look at the bright side...no one at your store died buying boots. XO

Lisa said...

You should pat yourself on the back for just surviving black friday!!!

Glad to hear you had a nice thanksgiving. Too bad for your sons girlfriend with her injury though.

swmpgrly said...

at least you made it out alive!